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Mining Industry Case Studies – 3 Rad Repairs & Rebuilds

One of the primary heavy-duty industries we service at West End Radiators is the mining sector. Mining radiators are a core part of our services.

We work closely with mines across Canada. We know how important it is to ensure mining equipment is running efficiently 24/7, and have designed our shop to be able to adapt quickly when a rush job comes in. 

Here’s a look at three different case studies from our mining customers.

These case studies are only a few examples of the dozens of jobs we do each year to maintain the cooling systems within the Canadian mining industry.

We’re proud of this work and committed to building new and maintaining the existing relationships with you, our mining customers.

Case Study 1: Rush Job for Mesabi-Style Rad, Charge Air Cooler & Oil Cooler Module

Overview: The customer came to us indicating this was rush job as it was for a critical piece of equipment that couldn’t be down for more than a few working weeks.

Issue: The radiator came to us with several damaged tubes and seals, while the charge air cooler and oil cooler were in poor condition.

Solution: Our entire team worked together on this massive job. We replaced all the tubes and seals with new parts. We then thoroughly cleaned, pressure tested, repaired and retested again the radiator, charge air cooler and oil cooler. Once our technicians confirmed it was sound, we used our “hot shot” delivery service to deliver the module directly to the mine within 12 hours of the repair.

Result: The mine was back in operation after only two weeks of being down. The repairs were long lasting and able to withstand the extreme conditions of the mine. This particular customer came to our shop for a site visit a few weeks later and let us know they were impressed with our ability to quickly adapt to their needs.

Case Study 2: Specialty Overhead Crane for Large Radiator Rebuild

Overview: The customer came to us needing several of his mine radiators rebuilt within only a few days.

Issue: These rads (along with most other mining rads) weigh hundreds if not thousands of pounds and need to be safely and securely lifted in order to accurately test and repair.

Solution: Within days, we ordered and installed an overhead crane for our Winnipeg shop to ensure we could repair all the rads quickly and safely. The crane was able to handles these rads, lifting them to each station of our shop for the required repairs.

Result: We were able to provide this customer a speciality service and are now one of the only radiator shops in Western Canada with this type of crane. Plus, in the end, we rebuilt and shipped the large radiators ahead of schedule. A win for both our team and our customer.

Case Study 3: Overcoming Supply Chain Issues with Custom Engineering

Overview: A new customer approached us in desperate need of a replacement radiator. The OEM rad was without a delivery date, but the customer needed the machine up and running at the mine within a week.

Issue: With the many supply chain delays due to COVID, our team knew it would be difficult if not impossible to order in replacement parts within the customers required time frame.

Solution: In this case, our shop technicians, machinists and engineers worked together to reverse engineer the rad. We custom manufactured a new core, tubes and seals and re-assembled the complete unit that was even more heavy-duty than the OEM.

Result: Our customer was thrilled to have their machine back up and running with a rebuilt rad that will last them for years to come.

In Conclusion

These 3 case studies showcase a few of the many times when our team has been adaptable to ensure we can meet our customers needs. We pride ourselves on being resourceful and agile. We are results oriented, always, and ensure we’re communicating to our customers how the job is going from start to finish. The team at West End Rad is laser focused on helping our mining customers keep equipment downtime to a minimum.

Our Services For Mining Radiators:

  • Clean, pressure test, flush, repair, and retest radiators, oil coolers and charge air coolers
  • Hot shot delivery service available across Western Canada to have your equipment delivered directly to your mine

Our Commitment to You:

  • Efficient service for rush and emergency jobs
  • Experts in heavy-duty industrial cooling
  • 1-year warranty on all parts
  • Customized repairs to fit your machine’s environment and needs
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