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Everything You Should Know About Reverse Engineering Your HD Heat Exchanger

At any one of our three locations in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Estevan, our expert engineers on staff are ready to reverse engineer your heat exchanger and increase its effectiveness.

We use state-of-the-art technology such as 3D laser scanners with metrology-grade precision, and 3D processing, inspection and modelling software to reverse engineer parts for a wide range of heavy-duty industries.

Although there are some limitations for specific parts, such as mechanically-bonded cores, our capabilities cover an extensive array of cooling system parts. If you have a unique or unusual heat exchanger part that requires rebuilding, please reach out to our sales team and they will let you know if it’s possible for us to reverse engineer.

By reverse engineering heat exchangers, we can recreate a new part for your machine that is custom-adjusted to your specific needs.

What Are The Benefits of Reverse-Engineering A Heavy-Duty Heat Exchanger?

Reverse engineering allows us to create a new part tailored specifically to your machine. This process not only ensures a perfect fit but also customizes the part to meet your heavy-duty needs. 

For example, we have reverse-engineered farming rads to prevent daily clogging by manufacturing a custom core with 8 fins per inch, instead of the 14 fins per inch as supplied by the OEM. We also installed a custom fan, adding in a bi-directional component to help keep the radiator as clean as possible.

Check out our full case study on this feed lot truck to learn more!

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Key Benefits of Reverse Engineering a Heat Exchanger: 

1. Enhanced heat exchanger efficiency 

We begin by getting a better understanding of the conditions your heat exchanger operates in. Whether it be a dusty mine or an agriculture environment with debris and vegetation, we want to first identify the issues so we can provide the best solution. From there our engineers will analyze your existing heat exchanger, and identify areas for improvement to optimize your equipment. 

2. Cost saving

With our reverse-engineered custom heat exchangers, you’ll reduce expenses on future replacements and repairs down the line. Our manufacturing plant makes rads, cores, charge air coolers and A/C condensers that are up to 50% heavier duty than the OEM. 

Investing in custom-manufactured parts that are long lasting and perform better will save you money in the long run.

3. Optimized for your work environment

Reverse engineering allows us to customize your heat exchanger’s rows of tubing, fins per inch, and other specifications according to your needs. This ensures that your system operates at its best and is optimized for your work environment.

How Can I Improve My Machine’s Heat Exchanger?

Our team uses the following four-step process to reverse-engineer any heat exchangers and improve heat exchanger performance:

1. Measure

Our team begins by taking precise measurements of your existing part to ensure our newly manufactured heat exchanger fits seamlessly into your machine.

2. Scan

Using advanced 3D scanning technology, we capture every detail of your existing part, creating a comprehensive digital model.

3. Adjust

Our engineers analyze the scanned model to identify and apply necessary adjustments that will strengthen your heat exchanger and ensure that it can handle the extreme working conditions of any heavy-duty industry.

4. Send

Once your part is ready, we’re able to ship it to you anywhere across North America. Our shipping team uses custom-built, heavy-duty wooden crates that keep your product safe. 

You also can pick up parts from any one of our locations, or we can deliver them to you within the city limits of our locations!

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