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Our Team

Office & Sales

  • bg Wayne Feeleus@2x

    Wayne Feeleus

    Owner, Director Of Sales & Business Development
  • Rod Harder

    Rod Harder

    Director, Finance and Administration
  • Ian Lisakowski

    Special Projects & Support
  • Rhonda Funk

    Rhonda Funk

    Office Manager/Saskatchewan Location Manager
  • Doug Zarowski

    Outside Sales & Business Development

Shop Technicians

  • bg Justin Feeleus@2x

    Justin Feeleus

    Owner, Director, Plant Operations
  • Jason Hinds

    Shop Foreman
  • Pawel Pilecki

    Pawel Pilecki

    Lead Hand
  • Henry Sagun

    Henry Sagun

    Rad Bolt-On Tech
  • Jon Coulson

    Shop Hand


  • Michael Ang

    Michael Ang

    Copper/Brass Lead
  • Jaye Jackson

    Copper/Brass Trainer
  • Suilarso Japit

    Suilarso Japit

    Radiator Core Assembler
  • Ramil Abrahan

    Ramil Abrahan

    Radiator Core Assembler
  • Bereket Bahalebi

    Radiator Core Assembler

Aluminum Manufacturing

  • Alain Valdes

    Alain Valdes

    Director, Engineering & Aluminum
  • Diego Garzon

    Diego Garzon

    Aluminium Lead Hand
  • Ivan Yep

    Ivan Yep

    Aluminum Assembler
  • Jed Montemayor

    Jed Montemayor

    Drafting/Quality Control
  • Ronnie Bascos

    Drafting/Production Assistant

Shipping & Receiving

  • Oleksandr Rozumniak

    Oleksandr (Alex) Rozumniak

    Shipping & Receiving
  • Suzy Kusmack

    Suzy Kusmack

    Driver/Shipping & Receiving
  • Bizu Kebede

    Shipping & Receiving
  • Albert Bapoungue

    Shipping & Receiving
  • Viacheslav (Slava) Tsymbaliuk

    Shipping & Receiving
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