One Day Turnaround On Most Aluminum Fuel Tank Repairs


We offer a wide range of specialized manufacturing and repair services for industrial cooling systems. Our team works to customize your experience based off your needs and industry.

Service Commitment

Service agreement

We are committed to providing the best and most efficient service possible to ensure we are Western Canada’s leader in industrial cooling system service & repair.


We offer a one-year warranty on all parts. Our office team is happy to assist you and find the best warranty option for your product. Please note that some services vary on warranty conditions.

Return policy

We allow returns on any regular stock and/or unused items within one month of purchase. Custom-built and special orders are not eligible for refunds. Freight associated with returns are paid for by the customer.

Specialized Custom Built Radiators

We design and build customized industrial radiators to customers specifications.

Full A/C Servicing

We offer complete A/C repair, servicing and inspections, including motor, blower, drain line, coils, operating pressures and temps, supply lines, etc…

DPF/DOC/SCR/EGR Cleaning and Baking

We perform a thorough cleaning process that removes and collects exhaust in the emission system filter.

Fuel Tank Repairs

We repair and build custom straps and patches for diesel fuel tanks.

Heat Exchanger Repair

We can return heat exchangers to optimal performance by examining gaskets, plates, cleaning the exchanger and replacing parts as needed.

On-Site Generator Servicing

We come to you, servicing businesses within Winnipeg city-limits and the surrounding area.

HD Cooling System Repair

We repair leaks and holes in heavy duty cooling system for commercial and industrial machinery.

Commercial Aluminum Welding and Repairs

We offer aluminum repairs on fuel tanks, oil coolers, charge air coolers and surge tanks.

Automotive and Industrial Radiator Repairs

We repair both heavy-duty trucks as well as passenger vehicles.

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