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We repair, rebuild and manufacture high quality heat exchangers for a range of heavy duty industries across Winnipeg, Manitoba, Northern Ontario, North Dakota and the Prairie Provinces.

About West End Radiators Winnipeg

In 1960, West End Radiators opened its first location in Winnipeg. We started as the local rad shop for automotive customers, but over time we shifted our focus to specialize in heavy-duty cooling systems.

Today, our business is made up our heavy-duty certified, 9,700 square foot full-service shop, a team of 45+ passionate individuals, two manufacturing plants and two additional service locations in Saskatoon and Estevan.

Our Winnipeg shop technicians truly are experts when it comes to industrial heat exchangers for any heavy-duty industry. Whether you’re looking to custom manufacture a core that better suits your machine’s working conditions, or you’re in need of a high quality repair job to a A/C condenser, charge air cooler or fuel tank — our Winnipeg location is leading the heavy-duty rad industry.

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Kristine Kohinsky
Kristine Kohinsky
My car had a flat tire outside of their business and Rhonda (I believe that’s her name!) saw me outside crying and took me to their shop to get a technician to help me. I didn’t get the technicians name but he was so comforting and was calming me down. When I went inside, nobody questioned me and they acted like helping a random strange was a normal everyday thing which helped in a distressing moment for me. The employees here are so selfless and after my car was done they even invited me in for tea and coffee. The way they treated a total stranger not giving them business says a lot about their company and I wish I had a reason to shop there cause I imagine they treat their customers even better.
Gears McCoy
Gears McCoy
Great people to deal with and above average customer service ...
Wow. What else could I say. I’d give 10 stars if possible. From my first call to final solution everything was spot on. Will use this shop again if I get to Winnipeg and need repairs. Thanks very much for a wonderful experience.
Viper GTS
Viper GTS
Great business, if you have any concerns don't be shy to let them know they will make it right.
Jan Rohan
Jan Rohan
Nice people working there always helpful
Peggy Albrecht
Peggy Albrecht
We have used West End Radiator a number of times. They have been very friendly and helpful. Their service is right on, couldn't ask for anything better. We will use them again when we need their service. We would recommend them to anyone.
Max Jobs
Max Jobs
Good people
Great people to deal with! Highly recommended

Meet the Team

  • bg Wayne Feeleus@2x

    Wayne Feeleus

    Owner, Director Of Sales & Business Development
  • Rod Harder

    Rod Harder

    Director, Finance and Administration
  • Ian Lisakowski

    Special Projects & Support
  • Rhonda Funk

    Rhonda Funk

    Office Manager/Saskatchewan Location Manager
  • Doug Zarowski

    Outside Sales & Business Development

Shop Technicians

  • bg Justin Feeleus@2x

    Justin Feeleus

    Owner, Director, Plant Operations
  • Jason Hinds

    Shop Foreman
  • Pawel Pilecki

    Pawel Pilecki

    Lead Hand
  • Henry Sagun

    Henry Sagun

    Rad Bolt-On Tech
  • Jon Coulson

    Shop Hand


  • Michael Ang

    Michael Ang

    Copper/Brass Lead
  • Jaye Jackson

    Copper/Brass Trainer
  • Suilarso Japit

    Suilarso Japit

    Radiator Core Assembler
  • Ramil Abrahan

    Ramil Abrahan

    Radiator Core Assembler
  • Bereket Bahalebi

    Radiator Core Assembler

Aluminum Manufacturing

  • Alain Valdes

    Alain Valdes

    Director, Engineering & Aluminum
  • Diego Garzon

    Diego Garzon

    Aluminium Lead Hand
  • Ivan Yep

    Ivan Yep

    Aluminum Assembler
  • Jed Montemayor

    Jed Montemayor

    Drafting/Quality Control
  • Ronnie Bascos

    Drafting/Production Assistant

Shipping & Receiving

  • Oleksandr Rozumniak

    Oleksandr (Alex) Rozumniak

    Shipping & Receiving
  • Suzy Kusmack

    Suzy Kusmack

    Driver/Shipping & Receiving
  • Bizu Kebede

    Shipping & Receiving
  • Albert Bapoungue

    Shipping & Receiving
  • Viacheslav (Slava) Tsymbaliuk

    Shipping & Receiving
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