Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if my CAC (charge air cooler) leaks?

    We recommend bringing it to one of our locations so we can examine it and let you know whether it requires repairing or a full replacement. If your charge air cooler is leaking, it can be very hard on the turbo of your diesel engine. This will effect not only your fuel economy but the health of your entire engine. You will know if your CAC is leaking by noticing a loss in power or a noticeable drop in your fuel economy.

    Call us today to service your CAC.

  • How do you quote fuel tanks?

    We can provide you a quote within half a day. Our quoting process pulls an average price for the typical fuel tank that best reflects your machine. Once the fuel tank is in our shop, we further examine it and update our estimate based on its condition.

    Request a quote today.

  • Do you flush truck radiators?

    Yes, both our Winnipeg and Estevan shops flush radiators for heavy duty trucks, semis and industrial machinery. Typically this job takes half a day. We ask that you call us in advance to book to ensure we can make it a quick turn-around.

    Call us toll-free for a quote and to book your rad flush.

    We do not flush automotive radiators for cars or trucks. We recommend V-Tech Auto located just down the street from our Winnipeg location at the corner of Logan & King Edward (Route 90).

  • Where do you ship parts?

    We ship parts across North-America to Canada and the USA. We can ship collect on your customer account or ship pre-paid, adding the costs to your final bill of sale. If you are one of our Wholesale Radiator Shop Customers, you can receive pre-paid shipping if you purchase $1,000.00 or more before tax. Contact us for more information on how to become a wholesale customer.

    For our American customers, you will be required to have your own Customs Broker set-up to handle the brokerage. Our team will list your Broker on the documents and provide the associated Customs paperwork to the shipping company. Customers are responsible for any and all brokerage fees, duties, and taxes levied against their shipment.

  • Do you offer mobile welding repair?

    No, we do not offer mobile welding as a service. However, we do offer mobile generator servicing. We can come to you in the event that you experience an issue with your generator. Our technicians bring our mobile service vehicle on-site to fix the cooling system in an efficient manner.

    We only offer this service to businesses within Winnipeg city-limits and the surrounding area. Book this service today.