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DPF/DOC/SCR/EGR Cleaning & Baking

DPF/DOC/SCR/EGR Cleaning & Baking

Our Winnipeg and Saskatoon shops offer two different styles of DPF/DOC/SCR/EGR cleaning and baking.

At our Winnipeg location, we use a state-of-the-art aqueous DPF cleaning system that has a half-day turnaround. At our Saskatoon location, we use a variety of industry-standard techniques, including flushing, baking and testing.

For DPF and DOC cleaning, full pressure drop readings are provided before and after servicing. Both of our DPF/DOC/SCR/EGR cleaning processes clean the filter that collects soot and prevents it from being sent into the environment. For EGRs, we chemical flush and clean using state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology.

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“We’re impressed with West End Radiator’s commitment to quality and customer service. Their team is always responsive and helpful, and they have gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction

Shane Stauffer

Automotive & Radiator Shop

We’ve invested in specialized machinery made for cleaning DPFs, EGRs, DOCs, and SCRs effectively and are one of the only shops in Western Canada to offer an aqueous DPF cleaning process.

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We can clean all DPFs of all shapes and sizes, including odd-shaped, light-duty or off-road. These parts are vulnerable to clogging because of the buildup of soot and debris from regular use and demanding circumstances.

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We can clean DPFs, DOCs, SCRs and EGRs deemed unserviceable for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones.

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Our machines provide edge-to-edge cleaning to completely flush debris from your entire filter. This is a non-destructive cleaning process, meaning it does not compromise precious metals inside your filter.

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