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Farming Industry Case Study — Custom Industrial Radiator For Feed Lot Truck

When it comes to servicing radiators for equipment used for farming and cattle-ranching, we know how important it is to have a rad that can withstand dusty conditions.

This was the case for our client, Rocking U Feeders located in MacGregor, MB, Canada. Here’s a look at the custom industrial radiator we manufactured to solve their maintenance issues.

West End Radiators Case Study


Rocking U Feeders Ltd. is a cattle feed lot based in MacGregor, Manitoba Canada. The farm has about 10,000 cows at any given time and operates year round. The majority of Rocking U Feeders feed lot trucks are Western Star.


The client came to us with their original Western Star OEM copper/brass bolt-on style radiator. It was an automotive style core and not suitable for the dusty conditions in the feed lot. The primary problem was that it was getting clogged daily with dust and debris, resulting in the truck running too hot.

“We were probably losing an hour a day having to clean out the rad twice daily. It was constantly getting clogged with dust, oats, straw, grain and dust.”

– Jayson, owner at Rocking U Feeders Ltd.


Our team of shop technicians and mechanics built the ultimate industrial-style feed lot custom radiator. 

We chose a flat fin core rad to reduce the amount of debris that would get stuck in the fins.

We manufactured a core with 8 fins per inch, 5 rows of tubes and full reinforcement. A typical automotive style core has 14 fins per inch, resulting in regular clogging when used in a dirty cattle feed lot environment.

We also customized the fan, adding in a bi-directional component to help keep the radiator as clean as possible. Our team installed a custom switch inside the cab that the operator can turn on at any time to reverse the fan operation and blow out excess debris. This was a huge win for our client!

This fan will help the truck stay and run cool during the long hours it puts in each day.

To ensure the rad holds up to the test, we provided Rocking U Feeders with a 1 year warranty. However, we’re confident it will provide many years of reliable service.

“West End Rad is the only rad shop in Manitoba that would be able to do something like this. They cut the down time for us in half or more.”

– Jayson, owner at Rocking U Feeders Ltd.


As our team replaced this rad in the middle of winter, the real test will be when the truck is running in the heat of the summer.

However, this isn’t the first rad we’ve done for Rocking U Feeders. A few years ago, the client came to us with the same issue.

We also replaced that OEM rad with a custom manufactured copper/brass radiator, which Jayson says now runs great and only needs to be maintained once a week at the most. He says this maintenance is not even a necessity but rather to extend the rad’s lifespan.

Both our team and the client are thrilled with the results!

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