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Transportation Industry Case Study — Less Than 24 Hour Turnaround For New Rad

When it comes to servicing transportation equipment, we know how important it is to provide our customers quick service without holding up any of their work. 

This was the case for our client, John Eichel Trucking Ltd. located in Grosse Isle, Manitoba Canada.

Here’s a look at the new aftermarket radiator we quickly replaced to get them back up in running in less than 24 hours!

West End Radiators Transportation Equipment Case Study

West End Rad logo on top of close up photo of John Eichel Trucking truck


John Eichel Trucking Ltd is a major transport company, specializing in heavy-duty equipment deck transport and winter roads. They use special equipment throughout the Winter months to safely transport freight across Canada and the U.S. John Eichel Trucking has a fleet of 20+ trucks and trailers.


The client came to us during the month of February at 4:00pm, urgently looking for their leaky radiator to be serviced. The OEM rad was corroded with rust and debris build-up. The rad was from a 2013 Peterbilt Truck Model 367 Heavy Spec.

We understood how busy they were and the pressure they had to get back on the Winter roads. So our team of expert technicians quickly got to work.

“We work in the toughest, dirtiest, worst conditions you can possibly imagine.”

– Danny Eichel, Operations Manager at John Eichel Trucking


Like any “R&R” service (remove & replace), we always start by testing the radiator to ensure it is in fact leaking. Our team first analyzed that, finding there were several leaks.

Next, we looked in our extensive inventory of high-quality, aftermarket radiators and found the exact OEM replacement part number for the Peterbilt rad.

The replacement aftermarket rad we selected had an aluminum core and plastic tanks. It’s a durable aftermarket rad we’re confident will last a long time in the extremely dirty conditions John Eichel Trucking works in.

Once the new radiator was installed, we also performed a complimentary CAC (charge air cooler) test to ensure there were no other leaks. We removed the CAC so we could closely examine and test it.

Check out our blog post “What Do I Do If My CAC Leaks” for more info on how you can handle this type of situation.

We completed a full pressure test to the entire exposed CAC, finding the part was still in good working order.

Diesel Peterbilt truck with hood open in West End Rad mechanic shop

“West End fixed serviced us so quickly. It was amazing. We only lost half a day of work, max.”

– Danny Eichel, Operations Manager at John Eichel Trucking


We were proud to get John Eichel Trucking ready to go by 1:00pm the following day. It was less than a 24 hours turnaround!

We also provided a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the rad in the case that any complications arise.

Both our team and the client are thrilled with the results!

“We’ve been coming to West End Radiators for many, many years and will continue to.”

– Danny Eichel, Operations Manager at John Eichel Trucking

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