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How To Select the Right Aftermarket Mount Kit for Your OEM Radiator

Selecting the right aftermarket mount kit for your OEM radiator is a critical aspect of ensuring a secure and efficient installation. With numerous options available, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide specifically tailored to heavy-duty truck applications.

What Does A Radiator Mount Kit Do?

  • Provides Stability: A reliable mount kit guarantees the stability of your heavy-duty truck radiator, minimizing the risk of leaks or damage.
  • Enhances Performance: Proper mounting improves heat transfer efficiency, enabling your radiator to effectively cool your heavy-duty machine or equipment.

How Do You Install A Radiator Mount Kit?

  • Installing A Mount Kit For An Automotive Radiator:  If you’re dealing with automotive radiators, take note of the make, model, and year of your vehicle. This will help you find application-specific mount kits designed to fit perfectly. At West End Radiators, we specialize in industrial radiators and provide a wide range of options tailored to your specific needs. Please note that we don’t do automotive work, so if you’re dealing with automotive radiators, we recommend seeking assistance elsewhere.
  • Installing A Mount Kit For An Industrial Radiator: Start by determining the size and weight of your radiator. This information is essential for selecting a mounting kit capable of providing the best support. After all, industrial radiators mean business, and they need a mounting kit that can handle the weight!

Are There Different Types Of Mount Kits For Rads:

Yes! There are two different types of mount kids for heavy-duty rads, both of which we carry here at West End Radiators.

Rubber Isolator Mounts

If vibration isolation and noise reduction are your priorities, rubber isolator mounts are your best bet. These mounts excel in minimizing vibrations, ensuring a stable and quiet operation for your radiator. To find relevant options, search for terms like “rubber isolator mount kit” or “vibration-resistant mount kit.”.

Solid Mounts:

 For applications where vibration is not a concern, solid mounts offer a sturdy and secure installation. These mounts are perfect for situations where stability is paramount. Look for terms like “solid mount kit” or “rigid mount kit” during your search.

How To Know If Your Rad And Mount Kit Are Compatible

  • Radiator Dimensions: Make sure the mount kit you choose is compatible with your radiator’s width, height, and depth. You can typically obtain this information from radiator manufacturers or vendors. A little research goes a long way!
  • Mounting Points: Verify if the mount kit aligns with the number and location of mounting points on your radiator. Additionally, check if the kit includes all the necessary hardware for a successful installation.

Choosing the perfect aftermarket mount kit for your radiator is crucial to ensure a successful installation. 

At West End Radiators, we specialize in helping you discover the perfect mount kit for your heavy-duty truck.

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