Do you repair plastic radiator tanks?

No, we do not repair plastic radiator tanks. This is because after cleaning and inspection the radiator will reveal many other causes for the leak. We do not repair plastic tanks and are unable to repair a plastic tank as we do not carry the supplies and equipment to do so. Plastic tanks are crimped onto the aluminum radiator core and un-crimping the tank weakens the aluminum tabs, thus making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve a good seal to the new tank.

We highly recommend replacing your plastic tank with one of our more durable options such as an after-market replacement radiator or we can convert your plastic tank/aluminum core to an all copper-brass radiator. The finished copper-brass radiator is heavy duty, higher efficiency and requires less future maintenance for our customers. A copper-brass radiator is also easier and inexpensive to repair any future leaks and core replacements if damaged. All our after-market radiators and special-order radiators have a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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