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We carry the largest inventory of industrial radiators and cores in Western Canada for automotive and industrial purposes.

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Complete Radiators

We are complete radiator experts, offering radiators to match what you’re looking for, whether for auto or industrial purposes. We also stock Chevron coolant in red concentrate, green and premix 50/50.

Charge Air Coolers

Damaged or leaking charge air coolers can cause a number of issues like loss of power, increased fuel consumption, increased exhaust temperatures and loss of power. Our team manufactures a wide range of charge air coolers to match all custom specifications. We also supply aftermarket replacements for many models and can re-core others as needed.


When the condenser has failed, there are a number of issues that can occur like lukewarm air, overheating while in idle and a burning smell. We carry various aftermarket replacements to integrate perfectly into the vehicle’s original air conditioning system.


The core is the central part of the radiator. We offer a wide variety of cores to suit almost every single application and have the capacity, stock, and expertise to ensure your systems are built for success. Our technicians can build a core to your exact specifications as well as re-core radiators with heavy duty and higher efficiency cores that best suit your working environment. Our custom manufactured cores are designed for quality and long-lasting durability.


Mounts absorb vibrations from the chassis that can ruin your radiator. It is important to ensure that the mounts are installed properly and be replaced when installing a new radiator and/or charge air cooler.

Fuel Tank Parts, Accessories and Strapping

While we manufacture and create custom radiators, we also offer additional services and products like fuel tank parts, accessories, and strapping. We have a large inventory of rads, CAC, condensers, oil coolers, coolant tubes and pipes, rad caps, and gas liner kits.


West End Radiators stocks common HD truck gaskets and we can also make them for you! We design and manufacture to your specifications using a fibreboard gasket material. Our fibre flex gasket applications include; air compressors, fuel and oil pumps, fire hydrant valves, gear boxes and the list goes on. If you require new custom made gaskets, call us today and we will be glad to assist you.

Coolant Pipes

West End Radiators stocks most common HD heavy truck stainless steel coolant pipes. We can also special-order and modify coolant pipes as per our customers needs. Stainless steel pipes are better quality as they do not rust as quickly as black metal providing longer service life.

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