Business History

An overview of how West End Radiators has evolved over the last 60 years of business. Learn about our business acquisitions and partnership opportunities.

Our Story

In 1960, West End Radiators opened its doors. We started as the local rad shop for automotive customers in Winnipeg. But as our business grew, an opportunity presented itself to adapt our services. We shifted our focus to heavy-duty diesel mechanics for industrial cooling systems. Today, we're proud to be a leader in the market as well as one of two aluminum core aftermarket manufacturers in Canada.

Family Owned & Operated

The Feeleus family has privately owned and operated West End Rad since 1980.

Three Full-Service Locations

Our shops are located in Winnipeg, MB, Estevan, SK, and Saskatoon, SK Canada.

Innovative Technologies

Our equipment is top of line in the industry. Our systems are highly adaptable. Our materials are of the highest quality.

Diverse Team

We are proud to employ over 40 people that represent more than 18 different countries.

Company Leadership

Wayne Feeleus

Partner, Director of Business Development

Wayne completed a two year diploma in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba. Following that, he completed
a four year degree at Dordt University in Iowa.

He started his career in the agricultural field, moving to
British Columbia and taking a job in dairy feed sales. It was when he moved back to Winnipeg in the early 2000s that he
joined his brothers at West End Radiators.

Day-to-day, Wayne is focused on developing the team’s internal capabilities as well as engaging in new partnerships with businesses across North America.

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Justin Feeleus

Partner, Director of Plant Operations

Justin spent a lot of his childhood at West End. He remembers often heading to the shop with his Dad after school or on the weekends to help sweep floors.

After years of experience working in the welding and manufacturing departments, Justin now leads and manages the shop’s 15+ technicians.

He’s a member of NARSA – The International Heat Transfer Association group and enjoys travelling across North America to learn new techniques from other rad shops.

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Our Mission

To offer our customers the best value in the industrial cooling industry in terms of quality of our parts, customer service and lead time.

Timeline of Business Acquisition

A look at how West End Rad has acquired new business partnerships over the last 20 years.


WER purchases its first competitor, Chevrier Radiator, welcoming its owner, Jim Rogers to the Customer Service team.


WER purchases Garry Radiator, welcoming it’s owner, Arnold Lesko to the Radiator Service team.


WER purchases GEM Radiator, welcoming GEM’s 20-year employee, Ron Caron to the Radiator and Vehicle Service team.


WER purchases City Radiator, using the acquired equipment to open its first full-service shop in Estevan, Saskatchewan.


WER acquires the operating Assets of Saskatoon Radiator Sales & Service Ltd. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


WER purchases Rad Cores of Manitoba, becoming the province's ONLY manufacturer of copper/brass radiator cores.


Arnold and Pete retire. Wayne and Justin (Pete's son) take over the day-to-day operations and company ownership.


WER purchases the phone number of closed business, Mid-West Heli-Arc, expanding the aluminum fuel tank repair side of the business.


WER opens a new manufacturing division at 90 Park Lane, specializing in aluminum heat exchangers.

We ship across Canada and the U.S. Rush services available.

A Look At What's Ahead

Since 2016, West End Rad's core focus has been growth through business acquisition as well as recruitment. The business transitioned to the ownership of Wayne and Justin Feeleus while also implementing a pivotal ERP system now used across the organization. Today, the key focus continues to be growth but through the lens of WER's manufacturing capabilities.

Partnership Opportunities

We're always on the lookout for new businesses to partner with across North America. Please connect with us if you think you might be the right fit.

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