Copper Brass Heat Exchangers

Designed and manufactured in-house for all heavy-duty industries. Durable and long-lasting. Quick turnaround on rebuilds and repairs.

The Highest Quality Copper Brass Radiators

Manufactured 100% In-House

No outsourcing. No supply chain delays.

Improved Durability

Built to withstand high temperatures without failure.

100+ Years Of Experience

A team of expert technicians committed to exceptional service.


Outstanding quality control every time.

We Ship Across Canada and the U.S. Rush Services Available.

Why Copper Brass

For over 120 years, manufacturers have built heat exchangers for all types of machines using copper brass. It's a trusted material that works as an excellent heat conductor. It's extremely durable and easier to repair than rads made from plastic or other metals. Studies have shown that copper brass radiators can last over 6,000 hours without failure.

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Our Products

Custom Copper Brass Rads

Complete custom radiators for industrial and auto applications

Custom cores and/or recores built to your exact specifications

Bolt-on radiators

Brass headers

Copper Brass Gaskets & Bolt Ons

Custom fibre flex gaskets for all applications

Heavy-duty gaskets for bolt-on rads

Manufactured to withstand tight tolerances

100% accuracy with replacement parts

What Makes Us Different

What sets our copper brass rads apart from our competitors is our in-house manufacturing department. We are proud to offer 100% custom made parts. This means there is never any supply chain delays. We offer a one day turnaround on most repairs and builds. Plus, all of our machines are top-of-the-line, including our CNC press that allows us to manufacture accurate and precise brass radiator headers.

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