DPF/DOC/SCR/EGR Cleaning and Baking

Service Overview

We are the premiere shop carrying specialized equipment required to effectively clean DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters), EGRs (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), DOCs (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), and SCRs (Selective Catalytic Reduction). Everyday use and demanding conditions cause these parts to get clogged with soot and debris. This build-up can cause breakdowns if not regularly maintained.

We service and clean these components by using a variety of industry-standard techniques, including flushing, baking and testing. For DPFs and DOCs full pressure drop readings are provided before and after the cleaning process.

Our process cleans the filter that collects soot and prevents it from being sent into the environment. For EGRs, we chemical flush and clean using state of the art ultrasonic technology.

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