4 Most Common Radiator Services We Provide

We offer a range of radiator service and repair services, but there’s a few that customers come back from time and time again. Here they are!

1. Radiator Flush and Repair

With this service, our technicians will remove the radiator and perform a deep clean, using our powerful spray technology. Following that, we immediately perform a flush to ensure it’s fully cleaned out. From there, we pressure test and inspect your rad. During testing, we’re able to detect any other holes or areas requiring patching and will repair as needed.

2. Radiator Recore

This technique aims to bring a radiator up to, or as close as possible, to its original operating condition. We do this by restoring existing parts in combination with new, rebuilt or unimpaired parts. Recoring a radiator always requires the installation of a new core.

3. Radiator Clean

When you bring in a radiator for regular cleaning and repair, our technicians will first removed it the vehicle or machine and perform a deep flush. We use a specially formulated, industrial-strength cleaner. It is then flushed a second time, pressure tested, inspected and repaired as needed.

4.  Plastic Radiator Tank & Gasket Replacements

In this procedure, we remove the radiator and place it in a special fixture to detach the damaged tank and/or gasket. The tank and/or gasket is replaced with a readily available new or restored part. Afterward, the radiator is re-assembled and tested once more.



We offer all our customers..

  • Dedication to maintaining the largest inventory of industrial radiators and cores in Western Canada
  • Same day service on most radiator repairs
  • Free pick-up and delivery within Winnipeg city limits
  • One year warranty on all new complete radiators for industrial use

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